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Letter of reference from Oberoi Services
MR VIRAM WIJNHOVEN has contributed substantially to the succes of the Group's operations in areas such as the main office of the General Manager and in several of our restaurants....
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"The very best part that happened in my life was getting connected with Osho and taking sannyas. I didn't know anything about Osho until a friend told me to go to Pune. According to her this was where the best dance center in the world was located. Though I had never heard about Pune and Osho, I trusted my friend, took the plane from New York to Bombay and stayed for 7 years!
"May this book be an inspiration for all Osho lovers, dancers, body workers, cooks, athletes, business people and for all those who are ready for more femininity in their life. Femininity with roots that will take you on an adventure. An adventure to yourself."
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I applaud you for always doing it your way, because if you don't listen to your guts and trust your intuition, everybody else will tell you what to do ...
Much love from humid Bali,
Journalist from humid Bali